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Avalon, Inc.

Avalon, Inc. - A smarter, faster, more cost effective transport and security consulting firm built on more than 30 years of knowledge, experience, and results.

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AVALON, INC. IS A SECURITY CONSULTING FIRM on a mission to elevate the way it meets the ever evolving and changing security and safety issues facing its clients.  Whether it’s for an individual, a business or another type of organization Avalon professionals are ready to help you assess your needs, institute proven protocol and procedures, and work with your budget to satisfy your expectations.

Started by Daniel J. Seman, a former police officer, more than 30 years ago, Avalon, Inc. is thriving because our clients know they can expect our very best, every time, no exceptions.

We start by hiring the right people – many former military, first responder, and law enforcement - and then providing the specialized training we developed that has made us the “Go To” firm for problem solving.

Seman recognized there were ever increasing gaps in many of the traditional public services so many people depend on. Years of across the board budget cuts have left some public services barely able to meet minimum expectations. He built his business on providing custom tailored services to fill those gaps with a particular focus on meeting the transport needs for vulnerable individuals who may be a danger to themselves or others.


Detox Transport Minnesota Pilot Cars Sheriff Transport
Personal Custodial Escort


Ending a relationship with an employee is never easy.  From high ranking executives to lower level staff, emotions run high and, as we’ve seen all too often in news reports, the reactions can be volatile and the results tragic.

Using a neutral third-party professional trained to deal with these situations can help defuse the volatility and assist the terminated employee focus his or her anger, resentment, and energy on someone other than a company representative.

It gives them a release value to safely vent to someone they don’t identify as part of the organization.  At Avalon, Inc. our staff has the training, experience, and well established and proven protocol to manage this process and help the terminated employee see the benefit of focusing on moving forward with their lives.



We’ve all seen the bulky fellows surrounding celebrities as they move about.  Sometimes bulk is all that’s needed for these situations, but for real life close protection, a plan, training, and the right staff can be even more effective in keeping an individual from unwanted attention or harm.

At Avalon, Inc. we offer a full service close protection program.  Our highly trained professional staff has the experience and expertise to assist you in hiring, training, and testing the effectiveness of your close protection services.

We also can help you locate protection for one-time events such as for speaking engagements, personal appearances and any other situation where some level of protection is warranted.



By the time your business is the target of a labor action, tensions are usually running high and many companies make the mistake of taking a reactionary stance often with disastrous results, unnecessary expense, and irreparable damage to reputations.

The best preparation is done when everyone is thinking more clearly about each stage of the action.  The best case scenario is to avoid the strike, but in reality if you can’t avoid it you must plan and prepare for it.

At Avalon, Inc. we specialize in helping organizations take a realistic assessment of their risks.  We work with well established plans and protocol that can be quickly adapted to your particular situation. Much like a game of chess, you have to think and be prepared for any contingency and know in advance what steps you’ll take, who will be involved, and what resources need to be allocated.





One of the greatest threats to personal safety comes from social media.  Some call it “over sharing.”  Posting too much personal information online can result in danger, intimidation, and violence for everyday individuals once thought only to involve celebrities.

At Avalon, Inc. our highly trained staff has the experience and expertise to assess the many ways an individual becomes vulnerable to threats and danger.  This may include organizing travel itineraries, establishing safe contacts, providing medical transports, and connecting with trusted security details.

We can provide an objective assessment of current and potential threats and provide a plan to reduce the likelihood that someone will be harmed, property damaged, or reputations compromised.





Like many safety features that sound good on paper, the true test is whether they hold up when tested.  It’s the same with a personal or business security plan.  Sometimes a flaw isn’t found until the plans are challenged.  It’s why critical disaster functions at hospitals, airports, and emergency management centers are regularly put to the test to make sure they’ll work when actually needed.

At Avalon, Inc. our highly trained staff brings the experience and expertise that will find the flaws in your plan and help you devise a remedy.

Our staff will perform a judicious assault on your home, business or organization and show you the vulnerabilities in your system and how it can be strengthened.  This is an area where it pays to be vigilant and proactive.  No one wants to be left thinking what they could have or should have done after a tragedy has taken place.





When you, your family or your business find yourselves in extraordinary situations you need to have trust and confidence in the people you choose to help you.

Discretion and strict confidentiality are usually paramount in this type of circumstance as is the knowledge, experience, and proven results of a seasoned professional.

Daniel J. Seman, a former police officer, started Avalon, Inc. more than 30 years ago with the goal of providing exceptional service in areas where traditional law enforcement and public services fall short.

Over the years Avalon has become the “Go-To” firm for problem solving offering discretionary services, state of the art technology, and the world’s only personal transport services including medical transports, criminal transports and family member rescues on a worldwide scale.




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