Executive Protection & Bodyguard Services

Avalon's experience in protecting former Vice Presidents, U.S. Senators and Presidential Candidates such as John McCain along with Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and Chief Executive Officers are extensive and without issue. Busy executives may have well planned schedules, but set routines can become a big vulnerability. Avalon knows that individuals anxious to retaliate against their job loss or those seeking attention for a cause, have only to observe the daily habits of their target to determine the best time to attack. Habits like driving the same route to work, parking in the same location often identified by name and using unguarded building entrances can make an executive a target for assault, kidnapping or murder. This is a real concern in today's global environment. Avalon can work with you to plan for the unthinkable and minimize the likelihood of worst case scenario. 

"Avalon has provided security and transportation services for a number of our VIP guests from out of town. Some of which include former Director of the Office of Management & Budget David Stockman, anti tax crusader Grover Norquist, civil rights leader Reverend Al Sharpton and many others. Avalon Fortress always provides prompt, on-time, courteous and expert services. I am pleased to give them the highest recommendation."
---Mr. Tom Snell, Executive Director
White Bear Area Chamber of Commerce